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The Death Star24 viewsThe Death Star: the Galactic Empire's most prized battle station, a stormtrooper's most boring assignment tool, and the Emperor's favorite toy.
The emperor, without coat and armor356 viewsThis is how an Anicet looks. This one is the emperor.
Deus's Questions 4 (Emperor_Quintanna)76 viewsNow we have Emperor_Quintanna... he we have his questions....
1. Are you a facist?
2. How long have you liked Flannery?
3. Why do you hate DID so much?
4. How long have you known CharizardMaster?
5. What do you think about me?
Yeah... thats all I have to say I'll probaly do one for PPNsteve too....
Emperor Jirachi459 viewsThis is the ruler and creator of all Jirachis. It uses its faerie-like wings to fly and glide, while the beautiful fire decorating its head zaps foes with strong bolts of fire.
Emperor Quintana72 viewsthe emperor who is DEFINATLY not a Sideous Rip-off
My Hero, Emperor Palpatine, In The Flesh!27 viewsEmperor Palpatine, Late Founder of the Former Galactic Empire: pray for us...
Adventures of the Lake Fairys 179128 viewsold plan failed, now new plan
Emperor Quintana gets to unhood himself34 viewsin the movie the emperor gets to show his real face.
The Eclipse: the Emperor's Tricked-Out Flight17 viewsMy late hero, Emperor Palpatine (perhaps his clone), used to own it, but someday, it shall be mine...
The Holy Emperor106 viewsThis is the ultimate guardian, Perfectly designed to erase all life. Here, you got some facts:
High: 55 meters.
Weight: 30 000 tons.
Wingspan: 130 meters.
Luke Atmey's Secret Plan383 viewsHaha! Surprised? I, Luke Atmey, am aligned with the forces of DID! I have decided to announce my bid to take total control, as there is nothing anyone can do to stop me! To all the foolish opponents of DID, you are wasting your time. We are unstoppable! No matter if one member is squashed, the abductions will still continue, and that isn't even the best part! Once I overthrow our glorious leader, I, Luke Atmey, will control this mighty empire with a mighty fist! My name will be written in the stars! ZVARRI!
Damon Gant joins Luke Atmey107 viewsWhile the fools were busy with sending me empty threats, I assisted an old acquantance of mine by breaking him out of jail. Gant has access to many police files that are unavailable to me. With his influence, I'll be able to slowly corrupt law enforcement and make it that much easier to perform my operations.
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