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Dark Eusine.JPG
Dark Eusine273 viewsThis is what happens when your life is nothing but nightmarish memories...You become a nightmare yourself
Checking out Eusine760 viewsMarina's checking out Eusine....
piccy 3.JPG
Kitori and Eusine209 viewsYeah, the two are in love with eachother...Well....at least Kitori loves him all the way. Eusine loves her as well, but wont admit it.
High school190 viewsHere is the Other side of Eusine's affection twoard Kitori.... Oh, wait.... there arent any.
For those who cant read the writing above Eusines head: "When I said I wanted Suicune, this is NOT what I meant..."
I like Kitori's High school uniform (Shes in the last year of High school. Eusine is a high school freshman)
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