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Stewie gives Tea and Missy to CharizardMaster213 viewsStewie: *with a hppy face* here ya go Cmaster you big man. *then Frowns* Devil, I know it was you who imped me saying bad things to my best friend F29, and you imped him in an apology to LukeAtmey for what F29 DIDN'T do! I'm glad PPNsteve deactivated the comment poster because you are a Jerk!
Chris and Friends "update"51 viewsBy now since when i drew this, this picture is horribly OUT-DATED. For example, the 2 months ago when i made this, i was into the idea of having evil Chris wear boots. Well since i was half asleep while drawing that evil Chris now looks like he's wearing gay tightened pants. Other than that, a whole new array of characters have been added to my "show" plus a freewebs site. so be sure to check out:
Dante's Devil Trigger27 viewsLike I said here's Dante's Devil form pretty awesome right? anyways this is also a refrence. Dante and Pic belong to Capcom... GO CAPCOM!!!!!!!!!!!!GO DEVIL MAY CRY SERIES!!!!!!!!!
Dante(Devil Trigger)32 viewsThis is Dante's original Devil trigger from the first Devil May Cry. Again this is a ref. picture and Dante copyright of Capcom.
Devil May Cry 4 promo18 viewsThis is was a promo pic for DMC4 Nero vs Dante. Pretty Freakin awesome if I do say so my self.
Devil May Cry 426 viewsSimply an awesome game nuff said....
Evil Smeargle.PNG
Evil Smeargle360 viewsSmeargle with a blade.
Team Evil's Balloon125 viewsJessie, James and Meowth have ditched Team Rocket for Team Evil. Not only do they have a new team, but now a new balloon. This is their Wobbuffet balloon from Pokemon: Lento Legends.
Last formed startes of evils59 viewsVenasaur:Grass/Fire


Flannery62 viewswish i could remove Tubby
Flannery54 viewsI'm queenEvil
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