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Anng Hates Tying up or DiD or whatever the Hell its called247 viewsALL OF YOU USERS WHO UPLOADED PICS OF PEOPLE TIED UP.

Deviantart:ShadowX991,diosummers, HITPOOANDRUN,wretchedbrownrecules, Girltaker,DLShowtime,whonew and all of you Faggets out there because Tying Ups Have Already conjuered Deviantart

None from Fanart-Central
Brolys the leader of Tie Ups,SO LETS KILL HIM AND FREE THE VICTIMS!
..:: My Marill Gurl ::..1984 viewsI created this on Adobe Photoshop one day. It was really fun...and I think it's a pretty cute pic.....^^)
Poor Kirlia1323 viewsKirlia's upset... over something. o.o;
okay, I will say I did HEAVY editing on this one, and did so much of it, that frankly, the entire reason and mood went along with it. X3
(not drawn by me)
~**Mawhile's Kiss**~1371 viewsAnother cute pokemon pic I found on
www.agnph.com ^__^
Sneasel in the sun1577 viewsOMG PANTY SHOT :O (not drawn by me)
Naruto and Gaara74 viewsPlease comment and rate in my deviantart:

Oh I used to be CPM22 here but I forgot my password XP
Anyway I left here more than a year ago, so probably no one will remember me XD
what is DiD?45 viewsDiD means Damsle in Distress. Its a type of torcher that idiots, weirdos or dorks do to woman young and old to torcher them. Eventhough DiD is in Films like those with a girl tied to a chair and a strong hero comes to the rescue, its also used in Fan art. Mostly anime because those fanatics have no common sence, and some photo gallerys are conjured by DiD like Deviantart. Except Fanart-Central because they know what fair and not. I hate Merinthos for his prophecy to (Catch em all)
Sophia Lansfield (a.k.a. iris)41 viewsThis is a "fanart" by me, dedicated to my friend iris... I sorta messed up on her last name, sorry 'bout that... well, I hope u like it!
Goddess of Unsurpassed Beauty4629 viewsI did a little bit of editing to make the pic suitable to upload. ^^
I really like this pic, as I'm a fan of elegant artwork, and this really shows it. I could definitely see suicune as a goddess.
Umbreon418 viewsIt sucks, but I liked making it!
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