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Snagamandar704 viewsCharmander pic with my details!
so this pokemon is classified as a fire/dragon/flying
Guraudon1463 viewsGuraudon is thought to be related to Groudon.Guraudon is slightly bigger and heavier and is considered a Fire type as well.
Derived From: Japanese name Guraadon and Groudon
Avatar Season 3 premire93 viewsdate: September 21, 2007
Sorry from *fire_bush*62 viewsSorry to all the advanceshippers for my really stupid temper - even I hate myself for that! Anyway, I'm so sorry for being angry about advanceshipping, it isn't as bad as I said. So, do you guys forgive me? I'm also sorry I couldn't log in, it was the Human Confirmation. In the future I will upload pictures of all couples to try and keep everyone happy. I am SO SORRY!!! From your friend, *fire_bush* x
Ash fire.JPG
Ash toa Pok'e of fire657 viewsThis is ash the ton pok'e of fire.he brave stronge and smart.his Disk of blaze can burn anything that it touches.His mask can be use for surviving in exereme heats and the sun's lava.
avatar:the last airbender140 viewsall the charecters from avatar:the lost airbender in 1.
What we think81 viewswe think that Anng in Avatar season 3 will learn Firebending from Flannery
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#542 views#5 - TIBERIAN SUN
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