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F29 (Human Form)38 views- F29
Powers: Magic
Items: Ho-oh feather, bringing about pure luck; Sky Lord robe, communicate with Rayquaza at will.
F29 (wisest ape form)51 viewsF29: Heres some answers for Deus....
1. I dont hate all of DiD, I just hate ShadowX991, D-Mizton, Merinthos, and Lost1Zero because they drew my favorite fictional character being tormented.
2. No, I'm not Sean Mcguiness, I use Shin-Goji because hes intresting.
3. Yes, Because ArmedDraggon and LukeAtmey are ther same person, so I thought I do the same.
4. No, because my email adress dont work on here.
5. I think of you as a brave, powerful, and caring user. Also PPN's InfernoShipping is not PokeBeastily
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