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Chris and Friends "update"51 viewsBy now since when i drew this, this picture is horribly OUT-DATED. For example, the 2 months ago when i made this, i was into the idea of having evil Chris wear boots. Well since i was half asleep while drawing that evil Chris now looks like he's wearing gay tightened pants. Other than that, a whole new array of characters have been added to my "show" plus a freewebs site. so be sure to check out:
Ergentop Redone76 viewsRemember that horrible mutation of suicune machamp tentacruel metagross and ledian? Well i do, and strangely enough i decided to "redo" alot of my older mods just to see how much "mad skillz" i have. Also it could be considered a revamp.
garfield_vol.4 cover v.2.jpg
Garfield & Friends: Volume Four349 viewsThe Cover for the newest Garfield DVD.
Sharpedock, Prophasis, Dragive, and Charquazard Redone72 viewsjust like ergentop, i took these monstrosities and re-did them. AND ITS HELLA' FUN!!
The Pumpkin Reaper27 viewsProfile:
This is the Pumpkin Reaper. The Outfit he's wearing in this picture is his UPC outfit. The UPC(Universe Protecter's Council) was formed by Chris in the comic's season 5 to join together all heroes as one force. The Pumpkin Reaper decided to join because he realized that being evil wasnt really working out for him. Ever since he joined the UPC,
he's been much better off. Not only does he contribute to the UPC with his army of Demons, but he's learned Kayonauph magic.

Favorite Food:
Spaghetti and swedish meatballs.

Favorite Saying:
This World is just a small piece of something bigger...

Favorite Power:
The Dimension Tide
Chris (Uncolored)39 viewsProfile: Chris Treamonte, the Protector of the universe, Founder of the UPC, and energetic teen.
In his hometown of Plantington, NY, Chris lives the normal life of a normal boy. Except when terror strikes...
Chris is out-going, intelligent, and caring.
These qualities among others make him worthy of being the UPC leader. Chris can warp time & space, make anything out of nothing, and much more, yet he still somehow gets caught up in hair-Brained Bad-Guy shennanigans.

Favorite Food:

Favorite Saying:
This could end badly...
Sprites Sheet 0323 viewsMore sprites...
Sprites Sheet 0222 viewsMore Sprites
Sprites Sheet 0117 viewsSince I AM Chris_Man, I have the right to re-upload my sprites on my new accounts.
Tikirowe, Mystiki, and Mystikoar36 viewsPokedex for Tikirowe: it is said 1 new Tikirowe will be found every year near moai head statues. 27 have been found so far.
Pokedex for Mystiki:It has no soul, but all organs.
This has intriqued scientists and monks alike for years.
Pokedex for Mystikoar:Before multiple of it's kind were discovered, ancient tribes considered this Poke'mon to be God.
werstoh region starters54 viewsstarters for the third of my fan-made regions. hizzah
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