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004.png213 viewscharmander is the lizerd type pokemon.
may confidence2565 viewsitsn't pretty!!from poke gal mimi
Bonkers171 viewsBonkers D. Bobcat
A message from Latios82 viewsVista users: DOWNGRADE BACK TO WINDOWS XP NOW!!!
XP users: Thank you for using Windows XP
Old...and new news.....50 viewsOld news: I've been back and home for a while, the new news is I'm leaving PPN to DA. I still come to this site every once and awhile but mainly all my stuff for Deus will be on DA from now on. I you want to talk to me do it on DA, YT, NG, or my website. Thank you and see you guys later....
Sorry from *fire_bush*62 viewsSorry to all the advanceshippers for my really stupid temper - even I hate myself for that! Anyway, I'm so sorry for being angry about advanceshipping, it isn't as bad as I said. So, do you guys forgive me? I'm also sorry I couldn't log in, it was the Human Confirmation. In the future I will upload pictures of all couples to try and keep everyone happy. I am SO SORRY!!! From your friend, *fire_bush* x
digimon 02 n 01 from poke gal mimi743 viewsisn't it cool?from poke gal mimi.
A Dragons Draco Meteor51 viewsDraco Meteor
"りゅうせいぐん" meaning Dragon Meteor Shower

Comets are summoned down from the sky. The attack's recoil sharply reduces the user's Sp. Atk stat.

The games version was self explaining, but the anime had methods not like that. And it caused controversy with the 12th movie (not my version of it).

I chose Dratini to be the performer because ANY dragon type can learn Draco Meteor (only at high friendship).

At first, the dragon shines an aura of its dominant color. The dragon gives out its cry along with a ferocious dragon roar. Then meteorites (NOT BALLS OF ENERGY) fall from the heavens to strike the foe.
fire re leaf green not done by me by ashton.he's my inspiration.from poke gal2400 viewsfire red leaf green by ashton he's my inspiration.from poke gal.
Brambleclaw from Wariors22 viewsBrambleclaw(Bramblepaw) and Squirelpaw (Squirelflight) are born into a great legacy. "Fire and Tiger alone will save the forest" but Brableclaw faces more trouble than he expected. The legacy of his father Tigerstar still hangs over his head and he is torn between right and wrong. Love and Pwer. What will he chose? (I know^^)
Zekrom Yin114 viewsYin: the dark negative feminine principle in Chinese dualistic cosmology. So yin = evil.

I guess the reason why Zekrom is an electric type has to do with Biblical scripture, like Reshiram. In Luke 10:18 it says "And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven." And it does NOT give us a clue of the identity of antichrist.


Enjoy :)

Zekrom © by Nintendo
mukuhawk.png55 viewsmukuhawk is the fanle from and evloson for mukkuru.
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