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Gilgamesh (DMC4)19 viewsDirect text form the DevilMayCry Wiki
The Gilgamesh is a set of gauntlets, greaves, and mask which appears in Devil May Cry 4, and is obtained from Echidna's Hell Gate, which it was used to power. It is made of a devilish metal which absorbs organic material and transforms it to steel, and its techniques can be empowered by engaging the thrusters on the gauntlets and greaves. It is wielded by Dante during the game.
Florgla85 viewsi made it PIXEL BY PIXEL
Giratinas Shadow Force43 viewsShadow Force
"シャドーダイブ " meaning "Shadow Dive"

The user disappears, then strikes the foe on the second turn. It hits even if the foe used Protect.

The games version is easy to understand, but the anime just didn't executed it right.

Giratinas red stripes glow and vanishes completely. Then reappears charging at the foe with ghost powers.

heck mon 1.PNG
alot of mill140 views
mill 4.JPG
champion ash wants to battle!!! millenium pic683 viewsby chris man
mill. 1.JPG
seviper tomb505 viewsby chris man
mill. 2.JPG
millenium frontier, and the trainers u can choose460 viewsby chris man
mill. 3.JPG
millenium battle944 viewsby chris man
mill. 4.JPG
champion ash' lair...687 viewsby chris man
millenia screen.JPG
title screen for millenia version484 viewsby chris man
millenia version.JPG
millenia version game box1353 viewsby chris man
new fake pokemon games.JPG
new fake pokemon games.jpg366 viewsthis is the fake pokemon game are like ranger ruby a sappern and emrlad and were pre-ordering the fake games are coming to march 13 2007. that's right. and don't buy the game! it's bad! it's fake game!
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