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Alternate Sonic + Eggman111 viewsnow kids, tell me all the differences between regular Sonic and his alternative-verse, Blaze, and you get a cookie!

If you find the alternative-verse Eggman, I'll give you 2 cookies! Cheers!
0045 (Small).jpg
nick102 viewscvcxgdsdg
222 viewsthats a fark you!
What the kaiju think of the pic TIed_Gagged uploaded with the 64 girls51 viewsSWEET MONKEY JESUS!
Murugus FURY45 viewsTIED_GAGGED MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arquaza53 viewsRayquaza and Aggron

Haha, look at it's tail! It's just a little stump now! Muahaha!
Tied_Gagged under arrest124 viewsSorry but no South American DiD asses allowed on this vast empire.
bad dentist.JPG
Bad Dentist36 viewsTake a good look.
What Boltia really looks like.79 viewsYep some idiot just stuck pieces of random pokemon together and then inverted the colors, and claimed: TIS THE LIGHTNING GOD POKEMON!!!!! yeah. Bad quality edits.
carl184 viewsfgffdgdzfgfdhggfhgbfxvhgn
For Tied_gagged26 views
Dante's Devil Trigger27 viewsLike I said here's Dante's Devil form pretty awesome right? anyways this is also a refrence. Dante and Pic belong to Capcom... GO CAPCOM!!!!!!!!!!!!GO DEVIL MAY CRY SERIES!!!!!!!!!
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