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Android 17's Coffee Mug149 viewsThis was used for my recreation of fan made parody a long time ago.
MoonLight and Rayden759 viewsI'm loading this up here as hopefully liz won't see it till she gets it. It's a chibi Liz with her made-up pokemon Rayden. Hand drawn which is a wow for me
I want to Believe16 views
Chibi Igtica says bye517 viewsLast day of internet acess till next month *sob*. Also last day of 6th form for me so I drew this basciallay for everyone. Had to rush it. Good thing the filter on the college comps don't affect oekakis. Good luck everyone till then.
Orenji and Ruriri1037 viewsAnother pic of a friend that I drew on old Paintshop pro 7.
Pirate????742 viewsooo I just felt like uploading a new piccy, and this is my 2nd most recent, and one I'm actually proud of. For the moment anyways.
Recolored Water Sign.PNG
Weird Water Sign227 viewsWeird
Snow-chan and snow860 viewsMy friend and her creation( a snow eevee)..fun to draw ^_^
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