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Aqua Guardian.JPG
Aqua Guardian131 viewsShe's a mermaid if ya didn't notice. 1 of my favs! She looks awesome!-Mew lover
Aqua Guardian~0.JPG
Aqua guardian advanced157 viewsI was playing with paint shop! lol! - Mew Lover
Guardian19 viewsJust some boss from Doom 3 which I don't know if I shall like or not.
Ferena : Lati guardian190 viewsThis is Ferena
The Guardian of Heaven and Hell231 viewsThis is my monster art. It“s a picture of my guardian, and you should know him by now. Isn“t it cool?
Master Guardian.jpg
Master Guardian97 viewsThe most powerfull of all guardians. Armed with three Necrolic Hydro blasters and one Hydrogenetical Plasma discus, heļæ½s ready for any battle. This one can give any evil a match, and no matter how hard the battle is, the guardian wont let his friends die. Heļæ½ll fight for their lives.
Pyro guardian.JPG
Pyro Guardian48 views1 of my favs! He looks awesome!- Mew lover
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