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Entrance!188 viewsCome on! Have a meal here!
Cooking Huntail---Huntail's bite204 viewsArrgghh! Get off me!
You sillt fish!!
Cooking Huntail---Huntail...164 views"Hee hee! Why don't YOU go onto the slicing board?"
Cooking Huntail---Huntail's flip233 views"Now! There goes your restaurant!"
Cooking Huntail---Revenge Bomb190 views"Hee hee, your restaurant is bombed! Its time for us to eat you for a change!"
Cooking Huntail---restaurant01154 viewsHa! Our enormous Huntail Meat restaurant!
alesyuly dumplings.png
Cooking Huntail---Huntail Dumplings!!153 viewsThey are Chinese food and are delicious!
alexyuly and chips.png
Cooking Huntail---Huntail and chips138 viewsFish and chips! Hm......
alexyuly bbq.png
Cooking Huntail---BBQed Huntail189 viewsBarbeque!
alexyuly chips.png
Cooking Huntail---Huntail Chips150 viewsWe even provide you with junk food!
alexyuly japanese noodles.png
Cooking Huntail---Huntail noodles174 viewsJapanese Food!
Its one of our best sells!!
alexyuly noodles.png
Cooking Huntail---Huntail Chinese Noodles180 viewsFried noodles
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