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my favorite manga siries243 viewsI read it alot-superduperkittycat
Adventures of the Regi Trio - New Regis36 viewshttps://www.deviantart.com/kasaibou/art/Adventures-of-the-Regi-Trio-New-Regis-871450100
Well, this is awkward. In Gen III, we were introduced to Regirock, Regice, and Registeel which fans called the Regi trio. In Gen IV, we were introduced to Regigigas, the "Trio Master" of the Regis as well as their creator. In Gen VIII, Nintendo introduces us to Regidrago and Regieleki, so Regigigas must have created them too. But hey, a probable theory is that the Regis represent historic ages:
Regirock - Stone Age
Regice - Ice Age
Registeel - Iron Age
Regidrago - Medieval Age
Regieleki - Modern Age
That makes some sense.

Inspired by Haritsuki, creator of Adventures of the Regi Trio / Regimania
digimon 02 n 01 from poke gal mimi743 viewsisn't it cool?from poke gal mimi.
Chi Explosion83 viewsHey people! It's me again. I'm sending in two pics just to show and remind everyone that I'm still alive! (Not that anyone really cares....-.-) But anyway, here's the pic!

Here's a pic for chobits fans. This picture definetly describes the carelessness of sweet little chi. enjoy! ^^
25 viewsfor chobits fans
Chii26 views
Chii17 views
Chii15 views
Chii28 views
Chii20 views
Chii39 views
Chii39 views
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