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May & the jack***602 viewsthis guy was very mean to my wife.then later i whop his *** with my psychic powers
Cygnar, Centurion Heavy Warjack42 viewsThis is a Cygnar Warjack, not a regular one though. This one is a lot worse than their ordinary ones.
Cryx Defiler27 viewsA defiler from the warband of Cryx. These are common Warjacks in a Cryx army.
Jackpot...33 viewsThis is one of the best scenes in Devil may cry 3 thought I post this picture when Dante and his brother Vergil, the twin sons of Sparda finish of the 2nd to final boss in the game Arkham. They shoot him while saying the infamous phrase ....Jackpot... that always deals the winning blow in any DMC game.. if you want to see the full scene click on the image link below.
Jack Sparrow as a Flannery fan70 viewseven a pirate can love Flannery
Khador Juggernaut32 viewsThis is a Khador Warjack. More armor, makes these Warjacks the heaviest in the game.
Cygnar Thunderhead60 viewsThis Warjack goes on electricity, not on steam, and is therefor the propably most efective of all Warjacks. This one will really make the skies roar!
Avatar of Menoth44 viewsThe biggest, strongest warjack of the Protectorates of Menoth. This one is noting ordinary, I mean nothing.
Cryx DeathJack67 viewsThe worst, most terrible Warjack that Cryx has to offer to defeat their enemy. This monster is a living engine of destruction, and its fearsome appearence will make even Khador shiver in their heavy armors.
Slayer Warjack28 viewsThis is a Warjack that you get in the startbox for Cryx. It´s good, but there are way better and bigger Warjacks than this one.
The Union Jack86 viewsThe flag that I was born under!
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