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Jukio the Raikou- UNDER THE HAIR REVEALED118 viewsAs we all know, our fluffy French/American/Japanese Raikou transpecies has very few resemblence of the pokemon, Raikou. What we now know is.... ITS UNDER THE HAIR!!
piccy 2.JPG
Jukio the Raikou119 viewsJukio Tanobakki- Raikou anthro, and son of Lt. Surge. Jukio is 1/3 American, 1/3 French and 1/3 Japanese. He is extremly flirtious with the opposite sex.
The Ecruteak Trio.JPG
The Ecuteak trio244 viewsHere are my main character of my manga im making
Kitori the Suicune
Taniko the Entei
Jukio the Raikou
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