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Anon and Kansaibou broke up24 viewsbefore the Final Conflict, Anon and Phantom Kansaibou decided to break up.
A & K 4ever 40 viewsAlex and Kristl forever, just cause they are so damn cute D:< XD
After, what? 2 years? Whatever, they are so cute together =^^=

I drew this awhile ago and uploaded it on DA but never posted it here >.>
Ekans and Pidgey39 views-Amber
Kan (chaos) 0.JPG
Kan the Chaos43 viewsFor Kan. - Keppo
Phantom Kansaibou's Karaa - Fan art69 viewsHere it is. I messed up on the design though.
Who will Win?129 viewsKansaibou or ShadowX991
MoonlightShipping (retold)65 viewsF29: During the Reign, Kansaibou saved Lisa when she was stuck in one of the fridges. Then when he was talking with Surge and PokemonMaster, Lisa started to like Kan watching him from behind a fridge. After Kan gaved out his word to the users outside PPN, He saw her and he started to like her. As one of Dubya's men was gonna git Lisa, Kan turned to his demon form and stopped him, Lisa then figured that Kan cared for her. After the trial, Kan and Lisa dated under the moon and stars beginning their shipping.
Phantom_Kansaibou (TCG)29 views- Stewie
planet kansaibou.JPG
Planet Kansaibou63 viewsi made this picture for kansaibou
Lost Glory-PPN Gallery53 viewsOkay, let's face it, this site is fastly losing it's visiting numbers in vast quantities. Think of the old days, Chris Man, Kansaibou, Cat Thing, MM72, Deoxys Darren, Steve (Sometimes), Espeon&Umbreon, and countless others coming on every day after school not just as Pokemon fans, but as a place to relax. Sure I know I was young and immature back then, but can't we put whats in the past...you know; in the past? Instead of fighting amongst the small number we do hve, how about doing whats right, save PPN!!!
Remastered poster of PPNs Final Conflict155 viewsSince Shin Goji was the real hero of the story, I made the remastered version of the Poster.
PPN Chronicles the movie poster28 viewsThis is the poster to what would be my most epic story arc.
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