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Blazikuno245 viewsFusion of Blaziken and Articuno
Blazidash198 viewsFusion of Blaziken and Rapidash
Blazitwo176 viewsFusion of Blaziken and Mewtwo
Bunny523 viewsPicture was ordered uploaded by sickens of free_pokemon
For them178 viewshiwutsup, LukeAtmey, Kenshiro, Nozomu, LandoCalrissian, and Latidog
Ash:Grrr101 viewsAsh is spying on Kengo and Dawn. No offense to the penguinshippiers, but I think Penguinshippers are pushing it to much. Cause they are not 100% sure that Kengo is going to come back. I doubt he is even going to be in the grand festavail cause he's so weak. And also what else could they do with Kengo? He lost the Dawn and now what else.
Ken Sugimori: Well-Known Pokemon Illustrator145 viewsOf all my favorite and awe-inspiring illustrators, Ken Sugimori is one of them!
Saving Marina194 viewsMarina falls on Jackson's back, who tripped while trying to save her. Kenta is now setting her free.
I HATE HIS HEAD!!!!! 49 viewswhy can't he have a regular chin like everyone else!!! WAAAAA
Maxwell Raskens55 viewsWell, for now, this is the only pic of Raskens. better will come, but this is just to show how he looks.
Recolored Combusgrotompmander.JPG
Combusgrotompmander142 viewsA recolored mix of the 2nd evolution of the Ruby/ Sapphire/ Emerald starters + Charmander
Drawn by THUNDERSTRUCK103 viewsyo everyone it's THUNDERSTRUCK and i hope u like my drawing and plz don't steal it ^_^
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