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Anime Koma 1101 viewsA new series with original main characters facing problems commonly found in anime. - Keppo
Anime Koma 255 viewsThe second issue of AK. - Keppo
Anime Koma 362 viewsThis is an old Japanese word play joke Keppo tries out on Daisuke.- Keppo
Anime Koma 455 viewsNo.Idea. - Keppo
BFW(back from war).JPG
A difficult victory147 views A pic I did for fun.-Keppo
chapter one break.JPG
Page one60 viewsthe chapter page.-Keppo
Cover art.JPG
Volume one cover73 viewsA series of our adventures! - Keppo
ho-oh by keppo184 viewsho oh in the sun. - Keppo
Keppo's Comic issue 175 viewsAnother comic series I made up. I'm still working on PPN tales though. Don't worry.- Keppo
Keero60 viewseating cookies...-keppo
kekko decorative.JPG
Keppo's edit42 viewsKeppo saw mine and hao's pics so he asked me to make one for him. I know the background looks weird.
Keppo & Keero.JPG
Keppo and Keero69 viewsKeero is a...I dunno what he is, but he should be making apperances in PPN tales.-Keppo
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