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Kill max! ^^146 views
I killed D_Mitzon119 viewsHey Broly, you know who this is, yeah its D_Mitzon one of your servents, I went to his apartment and killed him freed 3 of his victims.What do you have to say to that you ****** ahole.
Brolys a Douchbag
Godzilla vs. Broly30 viewsGodzilla's gonna kill the geeky DiD lord on PPN.
Flannerys little revenge136 viewsIm gonna kill these Haters on AnimeExpansions
1. Dragmir
2. Jabedin
3. Juicebird
4. Random Nintendo Geek
5. Xyxtlin
Mewtwo by Pokekiller.JPG
A little Mewtwo pic630 viewsOK, This is my second picture i upload on this site. I done it from a website and began to Draw it. As you will se there are many line... I heavent got time to Color it or do a better pic...
Page 1, of "Killer 666"71 viewsWell, my first comic here. Hope you like it, I worked pretty hard on this one.
And the way I colored it in, well, you can image some of the colors, others you cannot.
Anyway, hope you like it.
Kill Broly21 viewsFire in his face
Kill Broly15 viewschoking by his own rope
Kill Broly16 viewsShot by me
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