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Gaia Siggy.JPG
Kitori in half Suicune form319 viewsI dont know why I did this, but I did.
Kitori the Team Aqua Suicune334 viewsShe is my best character ever created since my first manga ever created. She is a Team Aqua Admin that turns into a Suicune every time she gets splashed with cold water. Electricity reverses the effect. She is also parentally engaged to Eusine who dosent even like her (Or at least he says he dosent). Both Archie and Maxie have a crush on her.
piccy 1.JPG
Kitori the Team Aqua Suicune....again216 viewsI drew her again in markers
piccy 3.JPG
Kitori and Eusine209 viewsYeah, the two are in love with eachother...Well....at least Kitori loves him all the way. Eusine loves her as well, but wont admit it.
High school190 viewsHere is the Other side of Eusine's affection twoard Kitori.... Oh, wait.... there arent any.
For those who cant read the writing above Eusines head: "When I said I wanted Suicune, this is NOT what I meant..."
I like Kitori's High school uniform (Shes in the last year of High school. Eusine is a high school freshman)
Kitori Sotomah185 viewsI FINALLY DID DIGITAL ART!!!!
The Ecruteak Trio.JPG
The Ecuteak trio244 viewsHere are my main character of my manga im making
Kitori the Suicune
Taniko the Entei
Jukio the Raikou
Night before the Battle113 viewsKitori at the Realgam Tower. Just a night away before a big Colosseum showdown.
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