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Yves Rossy and Latios203 viewsYves Rossy (born August 27, 1959) is a Swiss pilot, inventor and aviation enthusiast.

Rossy was the test pilot on May 14, 2008, in a successful 6-minute flight from the town of Bex near Lake Geneva. He exited a Pilatus Porter at 7,500 feet with jet engines and a folded 8-foot pair of airplane-type wings strapped to his back. It was the first public demonstration before the world's press.

Don't you think that he is similar to Latios???
The First IntelĀ® Inside PokĆ©mon!!!204 viewsThe First IntelĀ® Inside PokĆ©mon: Latios!!!
- IntelĀ® Slot
- IntelĀ® CentrinoĀ® Optimised Wings
- Latest Wi-Fi Router
Windows XP Ad154 viewsWindows XP Ad: Yes You Can

A message from Latios82 viewsVista users: DOWNGRADE BACK TO WINDOWS XP NOW!!!
XP users: Thank you for using Windows XP
224 views-wdg
195 views-wdg
Latios!1157 viewsHe is great!
ash and latias397 viewsppl its not bianca-wdg
Latidog sonic style (new type)58 viewsI did this pic for Hao girl/Latidog and in my opinion its better than my own picture. ><;
Dark lati orb.JPG
Dark Lati Orb60 viewsThis orb has the ability to reborn Evil if removed from the Golden claws of Latimaster. It remains at Dark mountian, deep in the Black Palace where all evil objects are held in captivity, never to be heard of again. -Mew lover
Dark Latimaster.JPG
Dark lati master64 viewsThis isn't Utminda.... - Mew lover
Family Portrait.JPG
Portait201 viewsI made one! It looks so funny! LOL!!! - Mew lover
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