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Bayleaf182 viewsBayleaf is cool^^-Amber
Boltia must save LeafGreen199 viewsboltia was playing in the woods with LeafGreen until a rocket (or a broly servent) shows up and gags her,BOLTIA WILL SAVE YOU!!!!
crush on you.jpg
aww! AshxBayleaf^^76 viewshehehe^^-Amber
155 views-wdg
Gleafion40 viewsYays! I'm back after a long time! *wonders if anyone remembers me* Probably not, last time I uploaded anything was way back in Feb.

This took me about 10 minutes to shape and color. When I saw the evolutions of Eevee, Glaceon and Leafeon, I knew I needed to make a sprite of them. The files were 80 x 80 pics, slightly larger then I'm used to, but that just left me extra room to sign it!

Please enjoy!
Forest1070 viewsThe picture of the forest
Hat Snatch332 viewsThe heck!? o_0! I come across this site with all my art on here... o_e Uhh...kay... that's odd...well um...at least no ones stealing 'em...(aka claiming as thier own) but it's better if you would have asked me first to post them here ^_^; (ever read the OFP?) well um... just here to I guess claim my art if anyone thought it was someone elses...
Leafeon119 views-amber
Leafeon22 viewsLeafeon is cool.
LeafGreen155 viewsI've been looking for a place to post Pokemon fanart. The girl trainer from FireRed and LeafGreen.
Leafgreen!338 views
Eevee evolutions in human form135 viewsMiddle three! Woooooo!!! Flareon Vaporeon and Leafeon! You go!
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