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Lento Ending #2: City of Boats183 viewsYes, another pic for your flaming pleasure. and I have officially gone nuts, I have created endings for Lento Legends, in which this is a part of the second one. The japanese word on the boat reads 'wave', in case you were curious.
Pokemon: The Lento Legends Movie91 viewsSince the movie was finished being written, I decided to post this picture from the end of the movie of Ash on top of one of the Twin Mountains. Watch on the fanfic section for the remainder of the movie, coming soon.

*If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all...
Pokemon: Lento Legends Poster 2204 viewsWe are gonna try it again. This time no more rude comments.
Pokemon: Lento Legends Poster 3121 viewsIt's Jessie and her new Pokemon, Wobbubum! Wobbubum is the evolved form of Wobbuffet. Note that Jessie's uniform is now a very light shade of pink. James's will be a very light shade of blue.
Pokemon: Lento Legends Poster230 viewsA poster for my fic, Pokemon: Lento Legends. Pokemon: Lento Legends will hopefully be back with new episodes tomorrow...

*This is one of my first pics, so try not to be too harsh*
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