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Leviah-Goji (TCG)34 views
Leviah62 viewsLeviathan is the God-King of PureRevenge. He is unlocked by the 3 keys that Shin pocesses, Fire's Beauty (Flannery), Psychic's Power (Phantom Kansaibou), and Thunder's Love (Boltia). Any mortal who attempts to assult any of the keys will be punished by Death. Leviathan now holds a grudge against the Neo-DiD servents, especially LukeAtmey for uploading stupid lies. His power was last used to Kill Broly and wipe DiD off the face of the Earth. And this is his message to LukeAtmey.
Leviah Goji27 viewsFires Beauty+Pyschics Power+Thunders Love makes PURE REVENGE
Remastered poster of PPNs Final Conflict155 viewsSince Shin Goji was the real hero of the story, I made the remastered version of the Poster.
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