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Ash copared to Leviathan40 viewsLeviathan will damn Lando for what he did.
PPN Tales Poster90 viewsA promotional poster to my tale PPN Tales.
Leviathan powers94 views- Revenge Beam *fires a crimson beam from the mouth while dorsal fins glow red*
- Razor Fins *Jumps backwards and stabs the opponent with razor sharp fins*
- Bite
- Slash
- Tail
- Retribution *Entire body glows bright to release a wave of energy towards the enemy*
Leviathan...sorta38 viewsThis was a prototype of the Levaithan sprites I was making for F29...Yeah its okay....Whatever...
Leviah62 viewsLeviathan is the God-King of PureRevenge. He is unlocked by the 3 keys that Shin pocesses, Fire's Beauty (Flannery), Psychic's Power (Phantom Kansaibou), and Thunder's Love (Boltia). Any mortal who attempts to assult any of the keys will be punished by Death. Leviathan now holds a grudge against the Neo-DiD servents, especially LukeAtmey for uploading stupid lies. His power was last used to Kill Broly and wipe DiD off the face of the Earth. And this is his message to LukeAtmey.
Leviathan sprites45 viewsthese are my Leviah sprites
Leviathan GIMP52 views
Leviathan Godzilla sprites138 viewsI didn't make these but I don't know who did. anyways I only have time to make one upload.
Leviathan94 viewsGod-king of Pure Revenge, and the most unforgiving titan of all. He's the only one of all of Toholympus to have a trio. Leviathan lives in the Endless Sea, where he feeds off sea creatures such as giant jellyfish.
PPN Chronicles the movie poster28 viewsThis is the poster to what would be my most epic story arc.
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