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Arquaza53 viewsRayquaza and Aggron

Haha, look at it's tail! It's just a little stump now! Muahaha!
Chimeform19 viewsHaha. Little mistake on re-coloring that I don't feel like fixing.

Chimeform... chime... chime... chime... Haha... Sorry, I'm feeling really giddy today, because I haven't been on the internet for several days. Chimecho and Castform.
Dramew21 views*Scutinises tiny mistake on re-coloring. *

Looks kinda funny. It's head's too small and you can't see the tail very clearly because of the wing. I had been putting the names and my signature, but I don't like the names, so I've stopped. The only reason this one still has its name is becuase I'm too lazy to remove it. XP
Fyresarus29 viewsSalamence and Charazard

Whew, I need to upload as I make them, so I don't have to sit here all day uploading them...
Goldarca17 viewsPronounced: G-old-ARC-a

I actually like how this one came out. The shading of the bigger wing looks kinda funny to me, but I thought it was word an upload. Shedinja and Articuno.

Other Shedinja Sprites:
Goldessa17 views*puts in Lesser Sprites* Simply not enough Shedinja parts to be considered Greater.

Kuku... I've found the beauty of Shedinja. It's the ultimate creature for making angel-like sprites. It's got a silver halo, and it's color can also be used for silver. As well as a gold body. Silver and Gold...

Here's the links to my other Shedinja sprites:
Goldvorna27 viewsShednja and Gardevoir

Shednja is the perfect combination with Gardevoir. I always thought Gardevoir looked slightly angelic, but with Shednja's gold and silver colors, wings and halo...

Other Sprites made with Shednja:
lily64 viewsshe is the smart one of the group in shadow foxs emotions. allways ready whith a plan lily makes a good team mate. espeacialy in stiky situasions.
Needlemoth22 viewsMade this a long time ago, but didn't upload it.

I took Venomoth's colors, wings and head, inserting Beedrill's body. The more I look at it, the more I think I didn't intergrate enough of Beedrill's body parts.

Beedrill and Venomoth
Seablueum20 viewsThe reason that it's Seablueum and not Seabluum is because I thought the double "u"s would look funny, so I inserted the "e".

The red eyes do make it look slightly off, I'll change that someday when I don't feel lazy.

Marill and Umbreon
Shuitail18 viewsThis is sprite of Suicune and Ninetails. I don't quite like how it came out.

Oh well. Enjoy.

EDIT: Forgot to say that I'm taking requests now. If you only have two pokemon that you want me to sprite mod, just give the the names. If you already have an idea, but can't make it yourself, you'll have to explain very thoroughly for me to get it right. Yeah!
Shuitail36 viewsOriginal Upload:

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