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PPNs Kaiju against LukeAtmey60 viewsShin: If you want to rule PPN, you'll have to face my powerful kaiju.
Matt Engarde, was it?79 viewsIf I am to understand this correctly, this young man used to be an actor for a beloved children's television show. His vacant expression and informal speech patterns seemed to suggest a lesser intellect, but there is something about him I can't seem to put my finger on. I'd better keep an eye on him.
LukeAtmey's redemption47 viewsLuke has decided to stop being an albion wannabe, accept the fact the Shin Goji destroyed DiD, and he's found love.
Interview with Brushel, part 1.82 viewsAre you guys happy now? Now I have to deal with this leech because you keep throwing dirt at me!
F29 vs LukeAtmey- The True Showdown54 viewsWho will win?
For them178 viewshiwutsup, LukeAtmey, Kenshiro, Nozomu, LandoCalrissian, and Latidog
Godzilla122 viewsGodzilla versus LukeAtmey(British @hole (not CharizardMaster)), hiwutsup( the Jerk), and Latidog (because I hate her for insulting my 100 flannery pics)
Godzilla kicked my Dog148 viewsGodzilla: Good morning.
Luke: No its evening.
Godzilla: Who are you?
Luke: This is LukeAtmey. I was just calling today because I live down the street from you and Lisa came by and kicked my dog, So I tied her up.
Godzilla: Man, dont torcher young women.
Luke: I have to.
Godzilla: Stop whinning.
Luke: But I...
Godzilla: STOP IT!!!
Luke: you b*terd
Godzilla Blasting LukeAtmey126 viewsthis is what I meant. (Lisa wasnt harmed, but untied)
Leviah62 viewsLeviathan is the God-King of PureRevenge. He is unlocked by the 3 keys that Shin pocesses, Fire's Beauty (Flannery), Psychic's Power (Phantom Kansaibou), and Thunder's Love (Boltia). Any mortal who attempts to assult any of the keys will be punished by Death. Leviathan now holds a grudge against the Neo-DiD servents, especially LukeAtmey for uploading stupid lies. His power was last used to Kill Broly and wipe DiD off the face of the Earth. And this is his message to LukeAtmey.
Luke Atmey's Secret Plan383 viewsHaha! Surprised? I, Luke Atmey, am aligned with the forces of DID! I have decided to announce my bid to take total control, as there is nothing anyone can do to stop me! To all the foolish opponents of DID, you are wasting your time. We are unstoppable! No matter if one member is squashed, the abductions will still continue, and that isn't even the best part! Once I overthrow our glorious leader, I, Luke Atmey, will control this mighty empire with a mighty fist! My name will be written in the stars! ZVARRI!
Damon Gant joins Luke Atmey107 viewsWhile the fools were busy with sending me empty threats, I assisted an old acquantance of mine by breaking him out of jail. Gant has access to many police files that are unavailable to me. With his influence, I'll be able to slowly corrupt law enforcement and make it that much easier to perform my operations.
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