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Boltia saves misty from Pikazilla94 views
Moguera Marius15 viewsThe Wheelman. Bidibidibidi! Another of Shin-Goji's friends reduced to Twikki from Buck Rogers. Also a long-suffering victim of Shin-Goji's bullshit, he buries himself in his Taekwondo, his motorcycle, and his vinyl women.
MogueraMarius to the Rescue!49 viewshe'll fry his @$$
Battle againts Tyrannt Part2114 viewsSpace-hoji,Marius,Spidersenses,Murugu, Phantom_Kansaibou,Anon,Boltia,And Shin-Goji Use there Powers to Bring down tyrannt.Hes ran off crying for his Mommy.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
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