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Marley 70 viewsOoh, that umbrella's pretty small, eh.
Marley Battle60 viewsDon't let your guard down. She'll totally kick your ass. Look her team up on Bulbapedia if you don't believe me.
Marley close up70 viewsNothing to say, really, unless you want me to brag about my Shaymin, and NOBODY wants to hear that.
Cute Marley72 viewsThis is the cutest thing I've ever seen. :D
Uhh...huh? Who the *EFF* is this guy?87 viewsSo I just got Platinum (jublilation!) along with my nice 600-page strategy guide that I could probably beat someone unconcious with, and I look on the cover and there are the new frontier brains on it. Oh hey cool...wait, this guy here...why does he look like...

Thorton is apparently the Factory Head in charge of the Battle Factory. one of those places where you need to use rental Pokemon. It did not take me long to connect the similarities to Marley. As far as I know, these two are probably not related at all, but it's pretty creepy that these two are so damn similar.
Marley and Shaymin124 viewsLet it be known that on February 8th, I obtained Shaymin! To celebrate, it's a flood of Marley fanart(that I didn't make), because she's Shaymin's biggest fan(I'm totally not using this as an excuse to post Marley fanart, if that's what you're thinking)!

This one has her eyes the wrong color, but the fact that Marley and Shaymin are sharing a pic together is just too awesome.
Dark Marley69 viewsI like the colors in this one.

On a side note, Seed Flare is awesome.
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