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B Ohb Johnz22 views
Merinthos (before apprentice hood)71 viewsF29: Somehow I knew he looked like this before DeviantArt fell.
Merinthos47 viewsVoice Actor: Christopher Lloyd - Rasputin

Brother of the founder of Bob John University, he was a deviantArt user. But the users hated him like PPN hated Ho-oh46, so DeviantArts webmaster banished him. Merinthos joined the dark lord of DiD Broly and planned revenge against DeviantArt. Broly and his Minions conquered DeviantArt and Merinthos was made Brolys 2nd Apprentice. In the Final Conflict, he was killed by Boltia with his Ultra Bolt.
SWEET MONKEY JESUS192 viewsI hate you broly, ShadowX991, D-Mizton, Merinthos and all of you Freaken f*gs out there!
Remastered poster of PPNs Final Conflict155 viewsSince Shin Goji was the real hero of the story, I made the remastered version of the Poster.
PPN's Final Conflict soundtrack31 views1. Come and get them
2. DNA Reaction
3. Gothic Power
4. With great power
5. Dethroned
what is DiD?45 viewsDiD means Damsle in Distress. Its a type of torcher that idiots, weirdos or dorks do to woman young and old to torcher them. Eventhough DiD is in Films like those with a girl tied to a chair and a strong hero comes to the rescue, its also used in Fan art. Mostly anime because those fanatics have no common sence, and some photo gallerys are conjured by DiD like Deviantart. Except Fanart-Central because they know what fair and not. I hate Merinthos for his prophecy to (Catch em all)
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