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weird_metagross283 viewsI don't think it's a shiny......
Ergentop Redone76 viewsRemember that horrible mutation of suicune machamp tentacruel metagross and ledian? Well i do, and strangely enough i decided to "redo" alot of my older mods just to see how much "mad skillz" i have. Also it could be considered a revamp.
Salagross141 viewsThis is a cross between a salamence and a metagross.
Seviper Mutation jpeg.jpg
Seviper Mutation!!222 viewsI dont know WHAT it is... The Metagross foot and Deoxys Hand are its hands, and I dunno what the ears are for. I just transfused a little bit of DNA from Metagross and Masquerain and transfused it with Deoxys.
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