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Articunmin1227 viewsI did this one for my friend. This time, its a fusion of articuno and minun.
Delimin652 viewsThis is another minun i did, this time a fusion of delibird and minun. Isnt it kyoot? Also, when u make comments, please tell me what other minuns i should make ok? thank u.
Jirminun442 viewsA fusion of jirachi and minun as requested by pichu.
Lucario and mew150 views
Squirtle Minun449 viewsIts a kyoot lil min squirtle! Lol! Its pretty good i think.
Skarmormin418 viewsThis is a fusion of Skarmory and minun. I dont think i did a bad job but i did do horribly on the face. Sorry.
Sudowoodo Minun455 viewsA fusion of Sudowoodo and minun! Made by Aipon369 the same person who made the squirtle minun....aww isnt it kyoot?
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