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Brolys plan91 viewsbroly:Im going use you to help me f*ck Flannery good.

ShadowX991:hey D,remember you gave Whitney a blow job?

D-Mizton:Yeah and I can still see the teeth marks

The Monster:Have you ever felt Lizas(twin) ass, feels like a bag of Marshmellows

broly:Yeah that plan will work.
D-Mizton86 viewsVoice Actor: Rick James as male, Hally Barry as female(he had gender change in Hell).
D-Mizton's Just Deserts135 views
DaveChappelle22 viewsactully Daves imatation of Rick James does D-Mizton (like in Fck yo Couch and CHARLIE MURPHY)
D-Mizton vs F29 part 2172 views-stewie

Stewie: And he dosent give a damn for her.
D-miztons a girl now45 viewsin hell, he switched his gender to female
SWEET MONKEY JESUS192 viewsI hate you broly, ShadowX991, D-Mizton, Merinthos and all of you Freaken f*gs out there!
Remastered poster of PPNs Final Conflict155 viewsSince Shin Goji was the real hero of the story, I made the remastered version of the Poster.
PPN's Final Conflict soundtrack31 views1. Come and get them
2. DNA Reaction
3. Gothic Power
4. With great power
5. Dethroned
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