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SPECIAL k?! 86 views"OH MAI GOD?! THIS IS FOR SPECIAL PPL! oohhh sad face ):"
Ash and Misty's or May's Love471 viewscombination of pics that proves that Misty and May likes Ash...i think
I will always keep you by my side...254 viewsContestshipping and DAML 4EVER...
Drew and May79 viewsWynaut Drew and May? They're a great couple right? =P
Drewand May.jpg
Drew and May 4EVER!!! DAML and contestshipping ROX!!!112 viewsAck! I luv this pic! Drew and May shall be 2gether!!! Hehe... can u guess who I am?
if you could relate.jpg
May and Drew120 viewsThese two are having a romantic conversation right by a waterfall...water makes everything better^^
AAML138 views-amber
misty and max151 views-wdg
ShuuXHaruka ~ Japanese Style43 viewsI hate Advanceshipping! Drew and May is SO much better X3

I love Shuuka (Contestshipping) and NOTHING will EVER make me change my mind.

Cute kimonos, aren't they??

Picture posted by Chiru
mew231 viewsfor ML!-link
ML sprites60 viewsyup a sprite sheet - Mew lover
Teh Banner (new)74 viewsThis is the banner for my site which i've been making changes to. Not alotta people visit so....SREAD TEH WORD! unless you hate me...XS don't be hatin! D: By the way, the site address is on the first comment. Sign my guest book! ^.^ and help me get more hits....
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