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Android 17's Coffee Mug149 viewsThis was used for my recreation of fan made parody a long time ago.
Charizard sprites286 viewsI would have uploaded these sooner but my computer had memory problems and kept freezing up on me. I did these for a game called MUGEN (look it up i'm not going to bother telling you...) I wasn't done with this but thanks to my computer it's done now.. hope you all enjoy and give credit to me and Nintendo and the Pokemon company if used. Thanx!!!
MUGEN62 viewsI'm starting new project for mUGEN this is just refrence pic if you what to know more about MUGEN look it up...
characters i will be making for MUGEN
1. Metaknight (SSBB style)
4. Scizor
6.Obelisk the tormentor
Also I do requests for certain characters.
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