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dark demoneon fox.jpg
shaded demoneon fox.237 viewsIt is i.....actualy its is shadow fox now that i have been turned dark....because of .....of heart hake....it is that u feel the pain of a broken heart emotionwise but u allso feel real the pain..in a way the sader u get the more pain u feel so u get darker whith makes me stronger.^-^but it is bad for u.
DeusEXmachyna(neodammerus)107 viewsWell...I can't say i'm proud of how I did so i'll consider it a rough draft....for now and redesign from there.... so yeah here are Deus's powers in this form..
Deus being a Neodammerus can use the power of darkness and shadow. He can fly (duh), his body is made out of material that can make his body extend to great lengths. he pocessess god-like speed and strength and his body is nearly indestructible in many cases. few can rival his power. If I overpowered him it's because its his final form in the works
Deus's Neodammerus's form profiles16 viewsname says it all.....but remember my one rule.....give credit...I will being doing this for deus human from and making sprites for his neodammerus form...
The Goji Family41 viewsShinto-Goji was the founder of the family. His wife Candela-Goji gave birth to two brothers, Shinto died at the age of 89 and his wife died at 92. Hip-Goji was the disco king and is 85, Spencer-Goji was Wattson's (of the Mauville City Gym) childhood married, he had Nagi and had Craig and his brother Neo, the two bros were twins at 54. Neo had a voice that sounded like the Terminator. Craig fell in love with Elena godess of redemption and had their son Shin whos 27.
Kitsa- chan56 viewsmy neopet
Lumineon52 viewsI think the only one that shoud end in "eon" Are eevee evoulutions...-Amber
My New logo31 viewsJust checking up on this place.
and brought my newest personal logo with me.

It also represents the NeoDammerai' peopl
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