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mankyes in the water..JPG
mankyes in the water..jpg47 viewsmankyke in the 9th move pokemon show! comming to dvd! plus! you can pre order it on www.pokemoncenter.com and www.amazon.com! and that's the way it's goes on the move dvd!
pokemon pre order.JPG
pokemon pre order.jpg54 viewspipulp has a tag logo of the pokemon move pre-order so for now it releases on April 3,2007 and pre-order the pokemon the newxt on April 3,2007 and that's the full 100 miunts longer than that. so this call the name of the code prince of the under water pokemon that have an egg the manaphy egg thet follow the luvdics and the pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea is comming soon to dvd! and pre order that on www.amazon.com or with a kechin www.pokemoncenter.com so hurry while suppys last. {full story}
pokemon the next.jpg
pokemon the next.jpg65 viewsi foundon www.pokemonenter.com is pokemon the next on dvd and a bonuns kechane pikachu and manphy and it's not in yet on dvcd own it on dvd 3/4/2007.
PPN Chronicles news41 views-F29
: Actually it'll be a video series on video.yahoo.com. The first episode is set to be shown on the 5th of June. Not only will the characters you thought would be in it would star in the show, but other heroes such as Lisa, Kira Elena Ketchum, Agufanatic98 and SO many others (yay!!!). The show will have other villians like LatiDog, Hiwutsup and Dubya (boo!!!). So that's all, for now....
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