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What Kansaibou thinks of F29105 viewsKansaibou doesn't even like you! I have quotes from when armeddragoon talked to him on DA here they are
ArmedDragoon: Hey there, Kansaibou was it? Guess who recolored your character and is claiming it as his own?
Kansaibou: XD yeah... i saw...

normally id be annoyed but... yeah, its like.. too pathetic to even count as art theft.. know what i mean?
ArmedDragoon: I see what you're saying. It's just the principle of the thing that pisses me off.
Kansaibou: yeah, i totally agree with you...

its odd.. its almost as if the guys just... stupid.. XD.. like.. talking to him made me realize that hes not very bright... at all
If that’s not proof enough for you look at the comments on his page yourself heres a link www.kansaibou.deviantart.com by the way he’s friends with Latidog
The weather now in Hong Kong91 viewsThe weather now in Hong Kong
Applesauce!!!539 viewsThe unknown message is known! - Mew lover
pkmn 354 views-Amber
Cloverfield45 viewshttp://www.slashfilm.com/
Snowland194 viewsPokemon Snowland

Snow Rayquaza613 viewsA Snow Raquaza

Infected Unown95 viewsFusion of Deoxys and Unown(A)
Unknown spell173 viewsMy name with unknowns spelling it
Snow-chan and snow860 viewsMy friend and her creation( a snow eevee)..fun to draw ^_^
The weather now in Hong Kong21 viewsThe weather now in Hong Kong
The Unknown ch. 17 viewsNo this is not for ff, this is an actual story. Its from my account on quizilla and I like it. The main character is Amber, but not from my fanfics. I just happen to love that name like crazy^^'
This is also on my account for Quizilla
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