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Hi again98 views- Cell
you users might of remember me from Tyrant's first time here, but now I'm solo. So now with vorish desire in me, I will absorb many of Poke-Girls on this site.
Cell absorbs Dawn559 views- Cell

1st victim: Dawn
Dark lati orb.JPG
Dark Lati Orb60 viewsThis orb has the ability to reborn Evil if removed from the Golden claws of Latimaster. It remains at Dark mountian, deep in the Black Palace where all evil objects are held in captivity, never to be heard of again. -Mew lover
How you will all feel38 views- cell
This is how you all will feel when I absorb Poke-Girls.
piccy 4.JPG
OOOOOOOooo! Shiny Object...117 views*sigh* Matsu Matsu Matsu......When will you ever learn....
piccy 5.JPG
STAY AWAY FROM THE STINKING ORB!!149 viewsA note from Matsu to Ruby.
PPN Chronicles the movie poster28 viewsThis is the poster to what would be my most epic story arc.
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