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I take requests(and by that i mean: PLEASE GIVE ME REQUESTS!!)48 viewsuhhh....yeah i can do recolors, multicolors, fusions, disguises, and mash ups.
Judgement of Alpha139 viewsI had a lineart of Arceus laying around for years, so I thought now was the time to finish something with it.

Interesting thing to note: The region for Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition, Ranse (JP) is shaped like Arceus. Weird huh?

If you want to have a different type/color of Arceus, note me and I'll send you the pic so you can submit it yourself ;)

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pichu and wynut. in a felid of farm!.JPG
pichu and wynut. in a felid of farm!.jpg144 viewswow! it semms to be pichu an d wynut are going places together all the time!
pikachu in that road.JPG
pikachu in that road.jpg170 viewsoh my god! pikachu is going to get a road kill!
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