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Ergentop Redone76 viewsRemember that horrible mutation of suicune machamp tentacruel metagross and ledian? Well i do, and strangely enough i decided to "redo" alot of my older mods just to see how much "mad skillz" i have. Also it could be considered a revamp.
Ace of flight part 349 views.!?
inuyasha paintball196 viewsa half hopper for a half demon?
Lugia in Space.JPG
A Lugia in Space!493 viewsI drew it on paint,...so it took me a while...But I really enjoyed drawing it ^^
paintball anyone?280 viewsmay ownin' it up by QuickDude
Pain1306 views
pikachu is dying puken and pee-pee.JPG
pikachu is dying puken and pee-pee.jpg163 viewsuh-oh! pikachu is dying puken and pikachu is going pee-pee!
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