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Flannerys gym or home74 viewsLooks more like a palace than a gym,I guess Flannery lives in there
Avatar: Fire lords palace45 viewslooks like Isengard from the LOTRs
Pokemon Palace Networks Final Conflict: Shin Goji's army128 views"They might take their will, but there's one thing they'll never take, their freedom!"
Pokemon Palace Network108 viewswhat the palace means and looks like
Goodbye Pokemon Palce Network255 viewsthe story of my life at ppn.
what is DiD?45 viewsDiD means Damsle in Distress. Its a type of torcher that idiots, weirdos or dorks do to woman young and old to torcher them. Eventhough DiD is in Films like those with a girl tied to a chair and a strong hero comes to the rescue, its also used in Fan art. Mostly anime because those fanatics have no common sence, and some photo gallerys are conjured by DiD like Deviantart. Except Fanart-Central because they know what fair and not. I hate Merinthos for his prophecy to (Catch em all)
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