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Dialga VS Palkia=Mac VS PC101 viewsDialga VS Palkia=Mac VS PC
Dialga VS Palkia92 viewsDialga VS Palkia=Mac VS PC=nVidia VS ATI=Intel VS AMD
Angels19 viewsOne of the three pictures that i actually drew that is really good. :3

From left to right: Amber, Dylan, Melody(she not that fat I screwed up)
Azelfs Exploding Cupcakes, and a lil lesson110 viewsAzelf killed Tabitha!
blue flyer Shipping46 viewsHojo tells Winona a bed time story
Upcoming Pkmn Ranger Special116 viewsA new special episode of the anime is set to be aired in their episode on February 14th in Japan. It is not currently known what the special episode involve but we'll keep an eye out.
Rpc characters8 viewso.0.....Danny is straight....i'm not sure if i put that...anyway here is the summary for all characters in case anyone gets confused
Fixed RPC12 views...okay this is the fixed version...if there are any mistakes...TO BAD!
The Pumpkin Reaper27 viewsProfile:
This is the Pumpkin Reaper. The Outfit he's wearing in this picture is his UPC outfit. The UPC(Universe Protecter's Council) was formed by Chris in the comic's season 5 to join together all heroes as one force. The Pumpkin Reaper decided to join because he realized that being evil wasnt really working out for him. Ever since he joined the UPC,
he's been much better off. Not only does he contribute to the UPC with his army of Demons, but he's learned Kayonauph magic.

Favorite Food:
Spaghetti and swedish meatballs.

Favorite Saying:
This World is just a small piece of something bigger...

Favorite Power:
The Dimension Tide
Chris (Uncolored)39 viewsProfile: Chris Treamonte, the Protector of the universe, Founder of the UPC, and energetic teen.
In his hometown of Plantington, NY, Chris lives the normal life of a normal boy. Except when terror strikes...
Chris is out-going, intelligent, and caring.
These qualities among others make him worthy of being the UPC leader. Chris can warp time & space, make anything out of nothing, and much more, yet he still somehow gets caught up in hair-Brained Bad-Guy shennanigans.

Favorite Food:

Favorite Saying:
This could end badly...
My RPC44 viewsthis is what amber Parker looks like in school clothes...except her skirt is blue not red
rpc amber parker37 viewsthis her is swim suit
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