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My party guest240 viewsBerial: Thanks for inviting me to this party little guy.
PixelWizz: You welcome big guy.
Berial: So where is place anyway
PixelWizz: At CharizardMasters castle.
Berial: Oh okay. Will there be lots girls
PixelWizz: Of course.
Berial: AWESOME!!!
link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBegSaGPGnk
PixelWizz Goliath form103 viewsSo since I may be fighting in PPN chronicles and PPN tales I made me a battle form. I'll make a sprite sheet later and add all his powers to. but I am really powerful in this from though.
Goliath sprites114 viewsThis My Golaith form, He is 7 feet tall and super strong with super sharp claws that slice through almost anytjing and can jump 100 feet in the air and has a hide as thick as steel you DID trolls don't wanna mess with him.
PPN Chronicles the movie poster28 viewsThis is the poster to what would be my most epic story arc.
Skate246 viewsThis is some art of me. Metaknuckles over at Pixeltendo made it. I'm just here to show it off. =D
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