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The First Intel¬ģ Inside Pok√©mon!!!204 viewsThe First Intel¬ģ Inside Pok√©mon: Latios!!!
- Intel¬ģ Slot
- Intel¬ģ Centrino¬ģ Optimised Wings
- Latest Wi-Fi Router
5th Gen Starter Pokémon126 viewsDuring the Pokémon Sunday episode of May 9th 2010, the silhouettes of the three Starter Pokémon of Black and White were revealed. These silhouettes are to be uncovered during CoroCoro's June edition due May 15th 2010 and Pokémon Sunday's episode airing May 16th 2010.
Bippa and Mudkipz144 viewsBippa: So, I herd you liek Mudkipz!
Mudkip: kip.
Dr. Mario presents29 viewsPokémon
"Dr. Mario edition"
Pokémon Ranger - Tracks of Light: Oblivia45 viewsHere's artwork of the Oblivia region.
New Ranger Game Announced! Pok√©mon Ranger: Tracks of Light115 viewsThe first details of CoroCoro are starting to leak out on Japanese forums and on this blog and they seem to indicate the possibility of a new game. This game is rumored to be called Pok√©mon Ranger - Tracks of Light („ÉĚ„āĪ„ÉĘ„É≥„ɨ„É≥„āł„É£„Éľ ŚÖČ„ĀģŤĽĆŤ∑°), with thanks to yaminokame for translation, and is said to feature a special download of Deoxys to your Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold & SoulSilver games. It is said that CoroCoro gave a Japanese release date of March 6th 2010. Expect more details soon as we translate CoroCoro. Please keep checking back
‚ÄĘ The game is set in the new Oblivia Region which is a small island range
‚ÄĘ The evil team in this game are called the Pok√©mon Nappers and are led by a character called Red Eye
‚ÄĘ The Pok√©Assist is back, this time where you send the Pok√©mon in question out into the field to assist in the capturing of other Pok√©mon. However, if the Pok√©mon receives damage, it will run away
‚ÄĘ The game allows you to ride on the back of the Legendary Beasts; Raikou, Entei & Suicune to get past certain areas
‚ÄĘ You encounter a Pichu whom carries a Ukulele whom seems to have a big part in the story
‚ÄĘ There are symbols that you can draw that all certain Pok√©mon, such as the aforementioned beasts should you need them. They have released a symbol for Eevee and a symbol for Croagunk.
‚ÄĘ There's a trial version coming on the Japanese Nintendo Channel and in DS Download Stations on January 29th
‚ÄĘ There is a multiplayer mode. Up to four players can play to try and capture the most Pok√©mon
‚ÄĘ There's a secret about the Deoxys you can download. It is to be revealed next month

Here's more info from YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5AiIEdaMVQ
Pokémon Ranger Latios Sign127 viewsHere's the sign of Latios from the trailer.

Looks like a Freemason symbol doesn't it.
Pokémon Ranger: Tracks of Light Scan49 viewsHere's more pictures of the upcoming game.
Pokémon Ranger - Tracks of Light Update42 viewsThe official site has just updated with some clearer pictures for the upcoming game; Pokémon Ranger Tracks of Light. These screenshots are mostly clearer versions of the last ones, but there are new ones too. The site also revealed some new details:

* The Deoxys mission, called Deoxys and the Mysterious Temple runs from March 6th 2010 to May 17th 2010 and has multiplayer functionality, allowing you to do the mission with friends.
Deoxys changes forms as you try to capture it and the form you send over to the main games is dependant on the form you capture here. Each form has different attacks and they may know a move not normally known by Deoxys. We'll bring details on the moves Deoxys has as and when it comes
* Professor Hastings and Murph from the original Pokémon Ranger return in this game
* The Ukulele Pichu is not with you from the beginning. You will find it on Drop Island
* The Quests introduced in Ranger: Shadows of Almia return in this game. Their reward is not currently known.
Pokémon Ranger - Tracks of Light Update78 viewsPokemon Ranger Tracks Of Light! New Pokemon Sunday, Gameplay Footage and More!
Pokémon Ranger: Tracks of Light update122 views * The Shaymin in the special mission is also said to be able to be transferred over to the main games thus showing all four of the missions give you new Pokémon
* In the Deoxys mission, only the leader of the team is able to retrieve the Deoxys. People without the mission can join in and help capture, but only the group leader can obtain it in each play through
* Latios and Latias being in the game is dependent on your character gender. Male brings you Latios and Female brings you Latias.
* You may encounter Celebi whom will take you in the past to clear missions. Clearing these missions opens up things in the relative future and is needed to go past certain obstacles
* You may find litographs on your adventure. When you find them, the amount of partners you can choose is increased and you have the ability to raise them.
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