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Snagamandar704 viewsCharmander pic with my details!
so this pokemon is classified as a fire/dragon/flying
powerpuff girls z171 views-wdg
Dialgas Roar of Time44 viewsRoar of Time
"ときのほうこう" meaning "Time Roar"

The user blasts the foe with power that distorts even time. The user must rest on the next turn.

The games method is self explanatory, but somehow the animes was just weird. It looked like a beam of time and not a roar of time.

So Dialgas diamond on its chest and eyes glow, the mouth gathers energy from all around and itself. Then Dialga gives out a mighty, powerful roar that can damage or send the foe to another time.

The back fins don't expand because it would look like an erection, no hard feelings.

Note: This can be useful when Dialga uses it on the foe to send it back earlier to pwn quicker ^^.
Gothic Power83 viewsThis form of energy is the polar opposite of Aura. Giratina the lord of Renegation and Death created Gothic Power after his bannishment. The energy comes from those consumed by hate and revenge and the strength can wipe out Central Park. but the Leviah Power is far more powerful, it can shatter the Gothic power to a never existance.
Kaiser Ghidorah126 viewsBehold The most powerful being to ever walk the planet earth.KAISER GHIDORAH!!!The evolve form of Monster X.The last rival in the godzilla series.more powerful than orga and destroyah!
Leviathan powers94 views- Revenge Beam *fires a crimson beam from the mouth while dorsal fins glow red*
- Razor Fins *Jumps backwards and stabs the opponent with razor sharp fins*
- Bite
- Slash
- Tail
- Retribution *Entire body glows bright to release a wave of energy towards the enemy*
Leviah Goji27 viewsFires Beauty+Pyschics Power+Thunders Love makes PURE REVENGE
Mewtwo Power!622 viewsGrrrrr....
Giratina and the Skys Boquet35 viewsGothic Power composed by Christopher Fields (X-ray dog)
Power levels66 viewsIn the Chronicles of PPN, like DBZ, every character has a power level. Power levels are what determine a characters strength. I'll start with the main characters and move on to others.
Remastered poster of PPNs Final Conflict155 viewsSince Shin Goji was the real hero of the story, I made the remastered version of the Poster.
Fallout 3: Power armor21 viewsThere's a reason Fallout 3, got game of the year.
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