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Deus Human form profiles...49 viewsHeres some info on Deus…..
Full Name: Deus X. Machyna
Blood type: O (high black positive)
Hair color: Black and Gray
Eye color: Crimson
Race: Human/Neodammerus
Alias: Black Winged Angel
Voice Actor (if he had one): Johnny Bosch Young
Theme song (requested by PixelWizz): Lock and Load Black Angel remix
Height: 6.0 feet
Weight: 185 lbs
Age: 18
Description: Deus was born an orphan and his origins and personality our unknown however he was born with black blood sindicating he was a Neodammerus and human. In his human form he pocessess inhuman strength and speed. In order to gain more power during fighting, he transforms into a Half-Neodammerus where his powers are dramatically increased. Deus knows Jujitsu and is an expert swordsman. He has a somewhat strong-willed personality and can be a bit rude sometimes, but overall he has a kindess in his heart for others and has an urge to protect others.
Deus's Neodammerus's form profiles16 viewsname says it all.....but remember my one rule.....give credit...I will being doing this for deus human from and making sprites for his neodammerus form...
Miyoko Minagawa27 viewsI dont plan on role playing here anymore. I might, just not sure.
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