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Deus's preQ&A29 viewsAlso please put your questions in the comment section (duh) of for F29 you may draw a picture and ask me. I cannot guaruntee al questions will be answered but I will try....
Deus's Q&A 5 (F29 again)33 viewsalright I have no idea why am doing this again but I have some questions for F29.....again........here we go....
1. Don't you think it was a little riduculous to hate merinthos, LOZ, and shadow...I forgot the digits just because of pics they drew?
2. have you been to my website www.battledragonproductions.bravehost.com?
3. wouldn't it be easier to block the trolls then spam them on YT.
4. Are you starting a shipping between my and winona?
5. wouldn't it be easier to get a seperate e-mail so you can log on to this site?
Anyways yaeah…update I will be making Deus’s human form soon.
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