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Emperor Quintana72 viewsthe emperor who is DEFINATLY not a Sideous Rip-off
Emperor Quintana gets to unhood himself34 viewsin the movie the emperor gets to show his real face.
Flannerys 100th PIC!!!62 viewsflannery:I wanna thank all of my fans and friends for uploading 100 pictures of me on PPN. Also I thank CharizardMaster and Emperoer Quintana for watching over me and thinking Im hot.
(giggle)hail the Quintana Empire!
Prophecy #237 viewsGodzilla, the kaiju, and all of the armys of man will battle the Quintana Empire to prevent its crappy World Domination and deliver world peace.
Luke Atmey's Secret Plan383 viewsHaha! Surprised? I, Luke Atmey, am aligned with the forces of DID! I have decided to announce my bid to take total control, as there is nothing anyone can do to stop me! To all the foolish opponents of DID, you are wasting your time. We are unstoppable! No matter if one member is squashed, the abductions will still continue, and that isn't even the best part! Once I overthrow our glorious leader, I, Luke Atmey, will control this mighty empire with a mighty fist! My name will be written in the stars! ZVARRI!
Damon Gant joins Luke Atmey107 viewsWhile the fools were busy with sending me empty threats, I assisted an old acquantance of mine by breaking him out of jail. Gant has access to many police files that are unavailable to me. With his influence, I'll be able to slowly corrupt law enforcement and make it that much easier to perform my operations.
God-Emperor Atmey's second plan76 viewsZvriii!!! I have can painted MountDarthMoar. Take the Quintana you Sidious-RipOff butt face!!!
Emperor Quintana unhooded45 viewsQuintana unhooded himself to Shin right before the emporers departure from Earth in 2008. This proves Quintana is not a sideous ripoff. CHECKMATE sideous ripoffist!
Quintana wants answers43 viewsSorry LukeAtmey, The mighty, majestic, and all powerful Emperor Quintana (trumpets blow) has captured Jessie to get some answers.
Why I uploaded those 100 Flannery pics169 viewsShin:
1 because there wasn't enough, there was only her sprite and her funky.
2 then how could CharizardMaster and Emperor Quintana meet and adore such a doll.
3 to forgot that torcherous prophecy of her tied to a F*cken chair by a Dumbass name ShadowX991,
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